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What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are lenses that allow sunlight to pass through in less quantity, at the same time that they reduce the different directions of the rays and reduce their light impact. The light reaches us polarized, that is, mostly filtered, and thus allows a vision free of reflections and with a more natural contrast.

At Shades World we sell polarized glasses with TAC UV400 protection.

What does TAC mean?

TAC is a multilayer technology applied to lenses. This technology is designed for the cancellation of light and the elimination of UV rays, harmful to the eyes. TAC glasses give us 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays of up to 400 nanometers.

To protect our eyes, we need good quality sunglasses, with the appropriate filters to cancel the most harmful UV rays, and also polarized filters that eliminate the nuisance of light and reflections.

This is precisely the function of our polarized lenses.

With the neutralization of reflections and glare, we help the eyes not to force vision. In this way, we appreciate the images that come to us through the glasses with total clarity.

For sample, an image in which you can see the difference between non-polarized lenses and polarized lenses:

Difference between unpolarized lenses and polarized lenses

What are the advantages of Shades World polarized lenses?

A small list of the greatest advantages of all our glasses, in summary:

    They filter UV rays, a fundamental capacity for the protection of our eyes.

    They provide greater contrast and sharpness to our vision.

    The colors get a much more natural look.

    They are ideal to use while practicing water sports.

    In snowy areas, they help to rest the eyes.

    They allow an improved vision, compared to other types of lenses without protection.

    Lastly, they reduce eyestrain.

Polarized lens colors

How do polarized lenses work?

If you have ever wondered what is special about polarized lenses, and what protection they offer us compared to normal lenses, here is the answer.

Polarized lenses contain an extra layer, made of special plastic material, designed to absorb reflections. The integrated polarized filter helps reduce these reflections, and that is why polarized glasses provide greater visual comfort in any circumstance.

How to know if sunglasses are polarized or not?

With the naked eye, we cannot distinguish between normal lenses and polarized glasses. There is nothing in the visual aspect that helps us to know that they have received special treatment. But there are a couple of tricks to discover if sunglasses have polarization or not.

Take your Shades World glasses and put them in front of an electronic screen, such as a computer or mobile phone, or other similar device.

Keep the glasses horizontal, and then turn them to a vertical position.

If the glasses are polarized, you will see that, as you turn them towards the vertical position, the image that appears on the screen, depending on its color, darkens or your vision is blocked through the lenses.

Another trick you can do is do the same with other polarized sunglasses that you already have.

Put a lens in front of and parallel to the other glasses, and rotate so that one is horizontal and the other is vertical.

In doing so, you should be able to observe the lens color change to a much darker shade.

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